Public Access

Since July 2004, lay clients have been able to instruct barristers directly. In many circumstances, lay clients are now able to obtain fast and effective advice direct from barristers at a substantially lower cost than going through an intermediary, such as a solicitor.

Members of Keating Chambers who have completed the relevant training can be instructed to advise and/or represent clients on a Public Access basis.

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Further Information
For further information on how our members can assist you, please contact CEO/Director of Clerking Declan Redmond in the first instance on +44 20 7544 2600. The teams of Clerks will be pleased to advise you on the member of Keating Chambers appropriate to your requirements.

The following barristers are approved to accept work on a Public Access basis:

 Christopher Thomas QC  Robert Evans  Samuel Townend
 Stephen Furst QC  Vincent Moran QC  Gaynor Chambers
 Tim Elliott QC  Jane Lemon  Gideon Scott Holland
 Philip Boulding QC  Justin Mort QC  Jonathan Selby
 Paul Darling QC  Adam Constable QC  Calum Lamont
 Adrian Williamson QC  Paul Buckingham  Thomas Lazur
 Ian Pennicott QC  Piers Stansfield QC  William Webb
 Rosemary Jackson QC  Abdul Jinadu  James Thompson
 Alexander Nissen QC  Krista Lee  Michael Stimpson
 Sarah Hannaford QC
 Richard Coplin
 Alan Steynor  Gaynor Chambers  

Link to read article by Paul Darling QC on instructing barristers directly


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